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Mom was holding out on my and had a package of perler beads hidden away, it’s mine now. Red, green, blue, black, brown, orange, light fleshy pink, white, and grey are the only colors it had. I don’t have an iron, so I tried my best using a small hot pan. It worked, but it took a few tries. I uh, yes the first thing I made was a BRB head, I’m so sorry. Going to try a tasky logo next! I could probably do a few tasky heads actually? And my dogs! Maybe an Evan and Fantomex and Wade?

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(via Michael Kruschhausen)


(via Michael Kruschhausen)

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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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Oh, forgot to mention, tiny Bill got a tiny husband a week or so ago! He carries him around on my headboard, I was going to change their poses but I couldn’t, he looks too pleased with himself. I love his pink/purple hammer so much, what a nerd. I need to get all the Annihilators eventually!

#i want to learn about this character more #hes fun in the video games #a little sassy

HI FRIEND, I actually threw together a post for people wanting to get to know him, hope it helps!


Also, which game is he sassy in? I’ve never played anything he shows up in, but I do like a sassy Bill!

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america is an undocumented immigrant? or are you just being prejudiced



omfg she literally fell into 616 from an alternate dimension and I’m pretty sure her first stop wasn’t to the nearest interdimensional embassy don’t even start w me


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you know my name not my

Overwhelming desire to become a pigeon. Words cannot express my dire need to have beautiful grey feathers and glorious wings so that I may fly and feast upon dropped hotdogs and breadcrumbs.

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another rare breed, the 3D Glow Dog

(huge thanks to Katie Belton for the photos!)

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Drew some prehistoric critters today, and I… hope I got all their names right.

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First appearance of Cosmo.

[from Nova (2007) #8]

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I forgot the idea of chicken covered in chocolate is considered weird to many people who are not Mexican/Central American.

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